What is a language immersion stay for adults?

Remember all the fun you had at summer camp? Well, now you can relive it while you achieve fluency in a foreign language. Language immersion programs are now only for children and students. Today, there are immersion programs for all ages. There is a common, outdated view that most adults are unable to master a language. However, under the right conditions, you can learn a language just like your younger brother or sister. You can also achieve a level of proficiency in your new language that is similar to that of your mother tongue. How can I get the most out of an adult language stay?

What does a language immersion stay for adults consist of?

Nowadays, travelling to other countries is more and more in vogue. Whether it's for holidays, work, health reasons or to study. In fact, immersion in countries such as Japan, France or the USA is one of the most common methods used to learn a language. In general, this concept is very much in demand among young students, which in no way prevents adults from subscribing to it. Thus, a language immersion stay  for adults is by far the fastest way to learn a foreign language. It is a technique to learn a second language more easily. It should be noted that the learners' second language is often used to teach subjects in the classroom. The aim is to develop bilingualism. This method also aims to promote the academic success and intercultural skills of the students who participate in it. Now you can enjoy a tailor-made language stay. With these trips, you can practice your target language in authentic everyday learning situations. The educational consultants will help you plan a language immersion program adapted to your age, skills and objectives. Language immersion programs give you the structure you need to effectively improve your foreign language skills. It also gives you enough freedom to enjoy your stay abroad. These can take the form of a short period of study during school holidays. They can also be longer in order to bring your language skills closer to your mother tongue.

What are the advantages of a language immersion stay for adults?

The right conditions for learning a language involve immersion in a foreign language. Modern technology and pedagogy offer fantastic new tools every year. However, a language stay in immersion for adults certainly works. Moreover, language immersion is equally successful for adults. Both adults and children are clearly able to learn new languages at a high level of proficiency. However, there is an important difference between adults and children. Indeed, adult life is cumbersome, super-structured and always demanding. In fact, hard-working adults today are among those who have the most to gain from learning a second language. In a globalized labour market, additional language skills can make the difference. Specifically, being an asset to your business. It also allows you to better participate in your community.

How are the language immersion stays for adults?

Adult language immersion programs are designed for adults interested in learning another language. They can familiarize themselves with the cultures that languages are associated with for personal or professional enrichment. Specifically designed for adult learners, these programs are based on immersion principles that tour operators are perfecting. They use a teaching methodology faithful to specific programs. These programs offer a rich range of targeted and attractive language learning. They offer cultural presentations and practical activities (games, sports, cooking, music, etc.). They also offer target cultures as well as authentic home-made meals in countries where the target language is spoken. Imagine walking in the fresh air of your target country. During this trip, you can put into practice everything you have learned so far in your language immersion program.

How do you adapt the language immersion trip to your adult life?

A gap year before or after university is a good time to take a language immersion trip. However, in mid-career or between careers, it can work just as well for many. On the list of barriers to language learning in adulthood, career is usually the most important. However, it is not necessarily the first. Today, foreign language training is on the corporate agenda. In France, some companies even finance in-house or independent language training as part of their employees' professional development. In many of these cases, three months off for a language immersion program will make you an additional asset to the company. This asset can be easily granted by your boss.
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