Preparing for IELTS: tips and useful information

A good number of people wish to study English language in England to reinforce their levels as much as possible. International students will however have to take an IELTS or International English Language Test and following the validation of the written and oral tests they will have access to the course. However, the rules are not the same as the usual academic exams. In order to help those who wish to continue learning English on this path, a few tips, advice and information will always serve as a valuable aid. This concerns both the preparation phase and the acquisition of a higher score on the day of the test.

Useful information about the day of the IELTS test

Students wishing to study English abroad are advised to prepare for various IELTS admission tests. The tests are divided into three parts, each lasting approximately 2 hours 40 minutes. The tests consist of listening, reading and writing skills. Candidates may request to sit all the tests on the same day. Only the oral expression test may be brought forward or postponed by one week depending on availability. In all cases, examiners will notify in advance the validation of each request. It is possible that the request may be refused and the oral examination will be held on the same day as the other compositions. The oral comprehension test is done with a computer and the durations are somewhat short compared to the written test, about 30 to 35 minutes. For the written admission test, students will have to write the answers on a sheet of paper. In order to help everyone to better pass their exams, students will be given an interval to read the questions. In turn, the examiners will allow two minutes for checking the answers at the end of each part of the test. You can visit, if you wish to know more about the IELTS test.

Good Tips for Passing the Written Tests

Examiners are very demanding when testing on paper. It is important on the part of each candidate to be careful of the risk of losing points otherwise. Spelling and punctuation are the two basic scoring criteria. Candidates should avoid misspelled words and phrases and are encouraged to use punctuation correctly. Following all the instructions is also essential for earning points. Each instruction may vary from question to question and answers should be kept to a minimum. For example, students' scores will drop if they exceed the number of words required for a written expression. Very common mistakes to avoid are the use of spoken English in writing. Only supported expressions and languages should be used in the written test. This clumsiness decreases the students' marks. As far as the presentation of the assignment is concerned, it is necessary that the writing is perfectly legible and well arranged.

Tips for the Conversation and Listening tests

During the conversation test, students will answer different questions. They will have about two minutes for each question to give the answer. First, candidates must concentrate and listen carefully to each question. Next, it is important to answer out loud in a confident and relaxed manner. If the student does not know the answer, it is best not to answer. However, each candidate may ask their examiner to clarify or repeat questions if necessary. As for the listening test, candidates are led through a series of questions before listening to the recordings. Adherence to all instructions is essential. However, anyone can ask for help if they have difficulty hearing the recordings. Careful attention must be paid to American and British nuances of pronunciation, as this can be a basic criterion for scoring. As for reading, the rules are the same as for the listening test. However, it is always advisable to understand and underline key words before reading each text.

Physical and psychological preparation for the IELTS test day

As with any other exam, physical preparation and counselling are essential to prepare for the day of the IELTS test. In order to stay in good shape and to be able to concentrate better during the tests, each candidate must ensure that they have a good night's sleep the day before the test. A balanced diet also helps to feel comfortable and to optimise memory. As for presentation dress, students should wear appropriate clothing with which they feel comfortable. Tight-fitting clothes are not recommended and it is wise to plan clothing that is appropriate for the weather. In most cases, the examination room is cold.
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