Sydney: learn Angais and discover a dynamic city!

A language stay is an excellent way to quickly become familiar with a language. When the learner is exposed daily to the language he or she wishes to learn, words and expressions are incorporated more naturally. When an individual is surrounded by people who do not speak their language, they try to understand what others are saying to them. Above all, he tries to make himself understood by others. If you want to learn English quickly, you might consider, for example, taking a language stay in Sydney, where the English language is perfectly mastered.

Places to go if you are visiting Sydney

Sydney's a really fabulous place. If you are visiting the city for the first time, there are some websites that you should definitely not bypass. The Sydney Opera House is probably one of the most famous monuments across the fashion. If you are visiting Sydney, take the opportunity to visit this mythical place at the same time as you experience your language stay in Sydney. The building is a true architectural feat. Because of its very complex structure, the Sydney Opera House is considered by many visitors to be a work of art. The building is equipped with an innovative self-cleaning system that keeps the roof always clean. The bright roof of the building is one of the greatest features of the Sydney Opera House. Without the self-cleaning tiles, the monument could not shine permanently. The Queen Victoria Shopping Centre is also one of Sydney's proudest landmarks. The building is mainly known for housing the biggest perfume brands. You can also find ready-to-wear clothes, suits and handicrafts. The Queen Victoria is a very well organized shopping area. Every time you go up one floor, you will come across a different category of items. Sydney still has many wonders to present to its visitors. If you have the time, you can visit the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Tower Eye observation tower, or St. Mary's Cathedral, for example. If you're planning a language stay in Sydney, take the opportunity to visit all these beautiful places.

Australian English

Currently, English is recognised as Australia's official language. Indeed, the vast majority of Australians use this language to communicate. Originally, the country did not have an official language. However, as most people were fluent in English, English became the official language. Australian English differs from classical English in the pronunciation of certain words and the use of certain phrases. But the real difference is in the pronunciation, which you will learn during your language stay in Sydney. For example, for words like "hard" or "butter", the "r" is never pronounced. On the other hand, Australian English includes words and phrases that are not used anywhere else. The word "outback", for example, refers to a place with very few people or a very small human presence. If you visit the desert areas of Australia, you are likely to land in such a place. The word 'bush' is also a term exclusively used in the country. It can refer to both primary forest and the countryside.

A very special population

One of the other great features of Australia is its people. Australians are known as welcoming and friendly people. If you plan to immerse yourself in a language stay in Sydney, you could learn English quickly. In Australia it is very easy to start a conversation with strangers. Even if you don't know anyone, you can easily make friends. The city of Sydney is used to receiving thousands of tourists every year. If you travel to this area, you can always visit the great sights, even if you don't speak English very well yet. Indeed, the locals almost every day rub shoulders with tourists from different countries. So they regularly speak with non-English speakers.

A strict education system

In Australia, education is mainly provided by the states and territories. Australia's education system is based on the traditional three-tier model of primary, secondary and university education. Citizens are required by law not to drop out of school before the age of 16, and thus to complete at least secondary education. Australia had major institutions of higher education, such as the University of Sydney, which welcomed the most deserving international students. Some of them even accept applicants from non-English-speaking countries. If you wish to continue your studies in this country, you should first do a language study stay in Sydney, in order to have a perfect command of English.
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