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How and why assessing your level of English?

Assessing one’s level of English is important for both professional and personal purposes. In addition, everyone has his or her own objectives according to his or her needs. It is sometimes difficult to determine one’s level. In fact, there are…

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Good plans: some free resources for learning English online

English is recognized as the first official language in the world. Whether to communicate, to get information or to negotiate, it is essential to master this language, and today, digital tools have greatly facilitated the task. It is now possible…

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How do you learn English when you’re unemployed?

Today, English has become the most widely spoken language in the world among many others. In the professional world, speaking a foreign language is a real advantage for those who master it. English is one such language, as many companies…

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Conducting a speech in English at a conference

Currently, English is a language of business communication. Whether at conferences, meetings or seminars. Its use remains indispensable in the life of a company. Do you still need knowledge of vocabulary and expressions to hold a discussion in English? That’s…

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How to write a CV in English?

How do I write a CV in English? For most French people, writing a CV in English is a real nightmare. Don’t panic! The Anglo-Saxon CV is not as complicated as it seems. But what’s the secret to a good…

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