Conducting a speech in English at a conference

Currently, English is a language of business communication. Whether at conferences, meetings or seminars. Its use remains indispensable in the life of a company. Do you still need knowledge of vocabulary and expressions to hold a discussion in English? That's right, discover the essentials through this guide.

Knowing how to anticipate things before the audience

If this is the first time in your life that you've held a meeting in English, don't panic. Try to do some exercises to avoid grammar mistakes and see what vocabulary is appropriate for this kind of debate. On the other hand, don't waste time. Try to list all the people in the meeting beforehand. Conducting a meeting in English requires a lot of preparation. Sending messages by e-mail is possible in this situation. In order to inform them of the theme planned for the day of the conference. Ideally, it is best to give them a few days' notice to avoid any misunderstandings. Therefore, please indicate in a few lines the following points: the place, date, time, people likely to attend and the subject of the debate in question. In principle, it is never too late to ask them the day before the hearing. In the event that some decide not to come at the last minute. On the other hand, specify the speaking time for each of the guests. It is quite possible that each individual present at this seminar will have his or her own theme.

Mastering the topic of the conference

Conducting a meeting in English is no easy task. In addition, each participant performs a role-play. In this way, everyone is free to express his or her innovative ideas. The facilitator has to work hard to keep the discussion going. The notion of oral language is not enough. You need to have a formal knowledge of English expressions and terms. The audience is divided into two groups: assets and liabilities. Those who take the floor for each debate announced. On the other side of the liabilities. The latter do not react to this meeting session, they listen and take into account the relevant ideas raised. Therefore, not everyone is a good presenter. It is essential to ask yourself this question before the meeting begins. You don't risk biting your fingers off during the conference. Take a piece of paper, a pen, and write down any questions that may be asked by the participants. This will prevent you from falling into the trap or having unpleasant surprises during the discussion.

Define the schedule and use the required information

Facilitating a meeting in English requires time. On the other hand, it can take an hour or two. Failure to adhere to these schedules will result in the speakers not having the opportunity to participate in the business meeting. The most appropriate method is to refer to meetings previously established within your company. To get to the heart of the matter, there are some English phrases to remember. For example: "Let's begin with the minutes from our last meeting". This phrase means that you will first advance the topics discussed recently. After you've done that, discuss the topic you want to talk about now. Please use the following phrases: "Today there are items on the list". Or "Let's start with number on your copy". Also, as a seminar presenter, you need to be able to lead the conversation. The use of transition phrases such as "Let's move on to" will help you to develop your ideas.

Take into account communication codes and the end of the speech

Knowledge of the languages of communication is necessary in order to conduct a meeting in English. There are communication codes for everyone. On the other hand, in order not to make a faux pas in the culture of all the guests. Do some research on the internet. That way, you will have some pointers on how to use the language. When dealing with English people, politeness is of utmost importance. Banish the use of negative sentences. If you are addressing Americans, you should only look at the bright side of things. This way, you should always use positive statements, not negative ones. Otherwise, your session may be doomed to failure. In order to complete the dialogue, it is important to state the conclusion of the debate in broad terms. Next, use the words and phrases that are in use. Consider using the term "to sum up". Finally, be brave and remember to take your leave from the audience. And say, "Thank you all for coming." If it's to let the speakers go home: "The meeting is over."
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