Certificates & training to work in Australia

When you decide to work in Australia, some jobs may require specific certification or training, such as hospitality, construction, childcare, etc.

Online courses & programs

Accredited online certificate

Specific training courses

RSA training

RSA is essential in hospitality. It shows that you are aware of Australia’s drinking regulations.

RSG / RCG training

RSG for NSW or RCG for other states is mandatory to work in any pub or gambling establishment.

The White Card

The White Card is mandatory to work in the building and construction industry in Australia.

Barista training to work in Australia

Australians love coffee and good coffee is an art here. Most cafes will ask you for experience before hiring you as a barista and some will ask you to take or have taken Barista training. This training course of a few hours teaches you how to use a coffee machine from A to Z. You will learn how to make all kinds of coffees, how to froth milk and how to clean the machine, etc. This training is national.

Preparing for your English test

Language practice online

Whether it is for admission to an overseas university, to work or to obtain a visa, you will need to demonstrate and prove your level of English. It is now possible to study and prepare for your language tests online via many platforms like GlobalExam for instance.

Completing your language preparation abroad

  • IELTS Test
  • It consists of four tests, usually taken during the day: writing, speaking, listening and reading.

  • TOEFL Test
  • Both (IBT) and (PBT) forms, it assesses your comprehension and expression, both written and oral..

Preparing for your IELTS in Australia

Sun all year round, beaches as far as the eye can see, surfers… Australia, makes you dream? Why not combine business with pleasure?You have the opportunity to learn English and prepare for IELTS there.

Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast


Sports language stays for young people

Passionate language stays for young people make it possible to combine language learning with the passion of teenagers. A winning formula to assimilate knowledge very quickly by practicing an activity that pleases and helps to surpass oneself.

Which English exam may be best for you?

General English

Business English

Young Learners

Distance learning courses in Australia

Thanks to the rapid expansion of technology, distance learning courses are becoming more and more popular and are available at most of Australia’s recognised and accredited universities. These courses are particularly suitable for students from all over the world who are interested in their professional development, in a specific subject or who want to change jobs.